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Sticky? Gnew 2013.1 Posted by raoul on Apr 2nd 2013, 8:51

I'm pleased to announce the version 2013.1 of Gnew. What is Gnew? Gnew is a simple and open-source Content Management System. It is not intended to replace more sophisticated (but also more complex) solutions: it works simply, the code is easily understandable for other developers (I think) and it can be easily customized, modified or improved. The project is not new since it was started in December of 2003 and was called GENU (see the about page for more informations).

In the past 2 months, I've been working on updating and improving the code in order to get the project back. Several parts were rewritten, new features have appeared and other have disappeared. The list of changes is long but I'm not sure it is useful to detail. This version 2013.1 is a new starting point so if you're interested in the project, please download and give it a try! ;-)

The documentation and a forum are available for any question or discussion related to Gnew.

Please note that old versions of GENU are not compatible and can not be upgraded to this new version and the future ones. 2013.1 is the first release of year 2013, 2013.2 will be the second, 2013.3 the third, and so on.

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